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April 1, 2012
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...or is there something to it? by Snowwire ...or is there something to it? by Snowwire

Mi looked at Lully with an embarrassed smile and eyes showed an awkward expression.
"What- what do you mean by that?" She asked.
She buried her muzzle in her forepaw's, her mint green eyes peeping over to see the Norwegian Forest cat, and waited patiently for her answer.
It was a bit strange for one to say such thing to her, because most of her life she was the subject of a joke, and never said to be a good companion. So she had no idea how to react to the tom's statement. I'm acting so stupidly. He must be thinking that I am a kitten or something.

The reaction of Mi caused Lully to laugh; it was neither mean nor one to harm her feelings. But he couldnít help to do it, she had been too amusing and cute.
ďWhat I mean is; it had been less fun and more boring if you hadn't come along. I still donít know that many here and itís nice getting to know a tribemate better.Ē He said as the laughs had subsided to a few chuckles. He observed her with his eyes half closed before looking up at the sky. ďItís quite the change you know... living by myself to living with others.Ē
His mind started to slowly dream away in the blue sky with a smile on his face.

Mi lifted her head and looked at the sky. "Come to think of it, it is a big change. Well. I have never lived alone. Always had the tribe to keep me company as soon as I was brought here." She meowed.
Her parents, who she doesn't quite remember, were from Air-Tribe. All of Mi's sibling went into other tribes, but Mi has never seen them. She sighed. Such unusual traditions the tribe have.
It's probably for the better.

The tomcat watched a small cloud slowly sail by while listening to Mi, a soft breeze lightly ruffling his fur.
"Hm... Yet you seemed surprised to hear that I enjoyed your company. As if you were not used to hear such." Lully meowed with his head still high up and eyes fixed on the sky.
"Am I analyzing too much..." He turned his head back to Mi. "...or is there something to it?"
Realizing that perhaps he shouldn't talk about something like that with someone he was currently getting to know, he tilted his head to the side and gave her an apologetic smile. "Forgive me if I'm putting my nose where it doesn't belong."

Mi shook her head, "Oh no, I don't mind." She meowed.
"I was only surprised because no cat has ever said such thing to me. I have been the subject of a not very amusing joke my whole, well most of it, life. So, it was different, you know." She explained, looking over the camp to see her clan mates bustling about. It was the peak of the day and lots usually happened at this time.

WAIT... FUCK. I forgot his tattoo. D:
Part of rp I with *JaywingCat awhile ago, I donít know how many times Iíve tired drawing a picture of it. Iíve been having a little artblock with cats lately I guess. :/
But I was finally able to draw something I was a little pleased with at least. :) Even if their anatomy is probably fucked up. |D
But yeah, Lully and Mi chillin on some rocks after having been away collecting gemstones. :3
Totally adding this to free fella, just because why not. |D

Mi © *JaywingCat
Lully & art © *Snowwire
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